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"We hired Michele to prepare a special birthday dinner celebration for six sisters at our vacation rental home in Cambria.  She was a pleasure to work with in the planning process and every part of the meal was fresh, expertly prepared, beautifully presented and delicious.  It would be hard to choose a favorite part of the meal, but the Chilled Cantaloupe Soup with Ruby Port Syrup and Pancetta was outstanding, as was the dessert... Individual Lemon Berry Trifles served in martini glasses!  I would highly recommend using Michele's services for any special dinner occasion.  She is a talented chef and truly helped to make our celebration memorable!"


 Barbara, Fort Worth, TX




 "Michele has the unique ability to cook very nutritious vegetarian food for us that is also packed with terrific flavor. The wide variety of dishes that she makes keeps our palates pleased all week."

--Audrey, Templeton

 "After being put on oxygen 24/7 and no longer able to cook for myself on the stove, I needed to find prepared meals that I could warm in a microwave oven. I thought this would also be a good time to change my eating to facilitate weight loss. Michele has been a lifesaver for me in many ways. Her meals are always nutritious, well presented and delicious. I have lost 19 pounds in 4 months by ordering the Spa portions, and am able to eat my much desired chocolate. I am recovering from my illness remarkably fast and plan to continue with Michele's meals forever!

--Dee. Paso Robles

"The thing I like best about having Michele's cook for me, is not cooking! Not thinking about what we are going to have for dinner, not worrying about what I need to pick up at the grocery store, not even thinking about trying to come up with something new, interesting, tasty and nutritious. Needless to say the food is always wonderful. Additional, I have to say, I also really appreciate the free time it provides, I love to come home at night, choose a great meal, and within minutes we are ready to eat. It's like Magic.


--Brenda, Pismo Beach


"As a parent who works full-time outside the home, I lead an overly busy life. Though I enjoy cooking, it has become just another stressor. It was such a relief to get out from under the burden of having to prepare dinner every night. That, plus knowing the meals are prepared from scratch, not pre-packaged or processed. I know that what I am serving my family is both tasty and nutritious, not full of preservatives, fat and sodium. I am very grateful to have found Michele."

--Marianne, Los Osos


"This service is truly a godsend for people like me, who hate to cook and have busy lives. People whose days are too short to get it all done, and for people who appreciate fine food but don't have the interest or energy to make it. The variety offered is endless. New dishes are always being added, the food is great, easy and quick to prepare, and you know you are getting a tasty and healthy meal. It's a terrific gift for non-cooking friends and and people recovering from illness or other life altering experiences. "

--Tish, Atascadero


"Thank you SO for the fabulous dinner last night. My sister was most impressed. She is "the chef" of the family and came prepared not to like "organic cooking", and she said over and over that she loved every bite. She said to tell you that the olive oil/whole wheat pie crust fabulous. It was a wonderful way to end my year of Gerson Therapy, exactly to the day!"

--Janet, Templeton


"Michele was cooking for me when I was trying to lose weight and was concentrating on lowering my sugar intake and switching to whole grains. She was very good about choosing ingredients to follow my diet. I lost about 25 lbs. during that time."

--Eunice, Paso Robles


"Michele and her crew always provide delicious and nutritious meals for our family when we are in crunch time at our winery. I especially appreciate the brunch offerings when family company comes to town for a visit. It makes the entertaining much more relaxed, and keeps the focus on the people. Her wide range of cuisines, from Thai to French, to All-American have become favorites for us."

--Maureen, Paso Robles


In November we had the pleasure of Michele's personal chef services for a 50 year birthday dinner for 5 couples we hosted during a reunion trip to Pismo Beach. We came upon Michele after an extensive search for a personal chef in the San Luis Obispo area.  We arranged for a meeting with her in early October and provided, in advance, some background information regarding our event and culinary preferences.  Our outline was very general with some thoughts about having several appetizers, soup, salad, red meat/seafood entree, and dessert.  When we met she was prepared with some specific ideas and was very open to suggestions.  She specializes in sesaonal local produce and we were delighted with the variety of suggestions she put forth. Michele is pleasing, unassuming, practical, with a very real desire to provide a creative and memorable experience.
Several weeks later Michele emailed with a complete dinner menu including wine suggestions:
3 Appetizers: (Sparkling wine)
Dried figs stuffed with Bleu cheese-Marscapone, honey drizzle, lemon zest and lavender sprinkle
Skewered shrimp with Cilantro-Chili rub and coconut milk, lime, cilantro sauce
Wonton cups with spicy Ahi-Avocado Poke

Soup: Pumpkin Soup with Mexican Cream & Pepitas (Gerwurztraminer)
2 Salads:(Sauvignon Blanc)
Fall Quinoa Salad-quinoa, apples, feta, purple cabbage, walnuts, lemon&olive oil dressing
Autumn Jewel Salad-baby greens, persimmon, red grapes, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese, pecans, pomegranate vinaigrette

Main Course;(Bordeaux, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon)
Marinated Charter Oaks, Templeton Boneless Rib Eye Roast with Beer & Cider Sauce (
Miso Sea Bass
Parsnip & Potato Mash , Lemon-Garlic Broccoli & Golden Cauliflower

2 desserts: (Orange Muscat, Port, Zin Port)
Raw, Lemon Cashew Cheesecake with Date-Nut crust and Raspberry Sauce
Individual Orange Marmalade & Dark Chocolate Bread Puddings
We loved the originality and variety of her proposed menu and the only suggestion we made was the addition of the Miso Sea Bass as a second entree, which we had briefly discussed during our first meeting.  Nonetheless, Michele would have been open to whatever other suggestions we might have made, however in our case we wanted the event and dinner to be something very different, and we think her menu suggestions were reflective of our desires. Upon agreement we provided Michele her requested deposit to arrive about a week in advance.
We held our event and evening dinner at a resort in Pismo beach in the ocean front penthouse complete with a professional kitchen.  Michele provided all the elements required for preparing and serving, we provided the plate, glassware, and flatware.  She arrived about two hours before the dinner celebration started, with an assistant/second and it was enjoyable to watch her prepare.  The event and dinner were all intermingled and for that reason, along with our wanting to ensue that Michele could concentrate on preparing each dish and plating to serve, we opted for more of a dish-by-dish service instead of a sit down dinner.  We created a space on an elevated island that separated the kitchen from the dining room and with each course being individually plated per person and placed on the island eating bar for each guest to enjoy as they wanted.  Serving the menu that way ensured that each course was ready and served without all the rush.  It was relaxing and really provided an excellent reason/opportunity for everyone to mingle back and forth.  Michele introduced each course and was simply elegant.  We wanted a gathering where everyone was at ease, without rush, and there to enjoy themselves. Michele prepared for over 2 hours and served for another 3-4 hours. Each dish was unique and delectable. Everyone loved the food as evidenced by their own comments and the continuing visits back to the island bar. It was an experience that could never be had with the limited venue that comes with a restaurant.  The portions were perfect and with the number of dishes there were ample leftovers for us/guests to enjoy the following nights during our stay. We really can't single out a particular dish as a signature plate since all of them were outstanding in their own right.  The dishes complimented each other and it was just such a joy to go from course to course.
It was truly a memorable experience;  Michele finished the evening with the kitchen as clean as when she arrived, even loading the diswasher.  We were provided an itemized invoice for her purchases, including receipts, and time spent by herself and her assitant and made the final payment and tip.  All-in-all, we could have not asked for more.






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